Washington is home to some of the US’s most exciting Sauvignon blancs today


Washington is home to some of the US’s most exciting Sauvignon blancs today

Washington Sauvignon blanc styles are one of American wine’s best kept secrets. These play a finer, crisper counterpoint to California’s opulent, sun-drenched, more Southern styles, but are richer and riper and softer than Oregon’s maritime-influenced, cooler, more linear Sauvignons. Dr Paul White sheds some light on what makes the state’s wines distinctive. Situated on a [...]

New York “Sauvignon is a big deal grape and very much the centre of interest”

Just as Paris is not France and London is not the UK, New York is a microcosm unto itself. Nevertheless, trends often start in major cities before filtering through to the rest of the country. We asked Tom Geniesse of the Bottle Rocket wine store in New York to describe current perceptions of Sauvignon blanc [...]

The evolution of Sauvignon styles around the world

Wine styles are about connections: between grapes, sun, weather, soil and the cultures that create them. Sauvignon Blanc is no exception. If we look at the grape’s development as a ‘single variety’ wine and its history over the last 50 years, this is as much culturally driven, as by terroir. Both ‘new’ and evolving ‘older’ [...]

Sauvignon blanc – a versatile French varietal turned global star

The exact origins of Sauvignon blanc – when and where it first appeared in France – remain a mystery but it is highly likely that it originated somewhere in the Loire Valley. The first known reference to the variety dates back to 1534 though it was mentioned under one of its ancient synonyms, Fiers. The [...]

The reasons why Sauvignon from Bordeaux tastes the way it does

Wines made from Sauvignon have a characteristic aroma that sets them apart from other varietals. Virtually impossible to smell in grape juice, this unusual odour develops mainly during alcoholic fermentation from odourless aroma precursors in the must. Wine makers know that these hallmark Sauvignon perfumes can be difficult to obtain and then maintain in the [...]

The origins and rationale for Sauvignon Blanc in Spain

Not many people associate Spain with Sauvignon blanc. Indeed, a few years ago, relatively few people thought that Spain could produce quality still white wine. Until the 1980s, most people were right. Most Spanish white wine was, with a few glorious exceptions, dull. Most Spanish producers were quickly improving the quality and range of their [...]

La libéralisation économique a impulsé le développement du sauvignon

À l’heure actuelle, le Sauvignon blanc est le deuxième cépage le plus planté au Chili. Toutefois, cette situation est récente. L’engouement pour ce cépage au cours des dernières années est dû à une mutation du secteur vitivinicole chilien en faveur des marchés internationaux, et au détriment du marché national. Cependant, quel est l'impact du développement [...]

The vintage effect illustrated in Sancerre Blanc

The general climate provides all regional wines with a particular style. However, annual variations can also influence the organoleptic characteristics of wine. Even the slightest differences give personality to each vintage while leaving its essential framework intact. This study aims to better understand what we call the “vintage effect” using Sancerre blanc as an example. [...]

Preserving the ageing potential of Sauvignon blanc wines

A wine’s cellaring potential and capacity to age whilst developing its unique character are pivotal to its intrinsic value. What is meant by a wine’s ageing capacity, though? Probably appearing younger than its age – within reason – and, more importantly, becoming more interesting after a few years in the bottle! A white wine designed [...]

Premium Sauvignon blanc and oak ageing: paradoxes and prospects

A conference organised by the Concours Mondial du Sauvignon on April 10, 2014 in Bordeaux reviewed research work by Valérie Lavigne into ageing issues for Sauvignon blanc and the influence of various types of tanks and barrels. The research was presented by Denis Dubourdieu and Valérie Lavigne, along with Franco-British journalist Sharon Nagel. Presentation by [...]